Designing a great choice architecture should be one of your core responsibilities as a product manager.

Instead of asking for more, focus on helping your team succeed. Ensure you align your goals with the team’s current capacity: this is the only way for you to lead the team and help each team member grow.

Do More With Less —

Let’s examine the consequence of asking for more:

Boost your success and team growth by … not deciding!

Artistic representation of Influence & Interdepedence (source: Energy Cities)

Valuable, Feasible, Usable

Introduction & Definition

  • value: for the business
  • usability: for the user
  • feasibility: technological, ethical, legal, etc.

Valuable & Usable & Feasible are the trifecta goal!

Minimally Viable Products are a myth or, if you prefer a mental model. Always wrong but sometimes useful.

A simple set of questions to remove ambiguity, build team alignment and prioritize

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
- Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek golden circle principle — Illustration by the author

Method description

There is nothing unique about tech debt, just change.

A tech debt classification and initial root-cause analysis

What is tech debt?

Development and support costs compound with time like regular interest – illustration by the author

In real life

Seeing 2020

How I published 16 articles in 2019 and enjoyed the experience

Writing – Illustration by the author

Emotional Intelligence

A guide for learning from tough situations rather than simply ruminating on them

Running with your mind — Photo by Andre Morgan, burst

From product to platform: a PM journey

GraphQL schema stitching for platform or API PM


Example REST APIs working “together”

Example in REST: multiple queries to get a simple answer

Irreversible decision

Benoit des Ligneris

Radical Optimist, Ph. D., Coach, Entrepreneur, VP Product @Woolf

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